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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little cracks and big holes

My week has been a little crazy ... started with a portion of our ceiling falling in.

Thankfully no one was injured and the both the crack in the roof and the hole in the ceiling have now been repaired.

I started thinking about the big hole in the ceiling and how it was caused by a little crack in the roof, which evidently had been there awhile. I am guessing that whenever it rained the ceiling got wet but always had enough time to dry out before the next downpour, so we never knew it was there. But with the constant hard rain rain last week, it never got a chance to dry out and became heavier and heavier with water until it could take no more and could do nothing but create a huge gaping hole... And a BIG MESS!

How much are our lives like that. Sometimes we have a little crack-- some area that we need to address, an area we are either not aware of or not letting God touch and fix (because sometimes the fix is painful). We allow the devil a foothold into or lives when we don't address the crack. It may seem harmless at first or even for a long time but eventually it weakens us and weighs us down and then we are left with a gaping hole which then has to be repaired. It is at that time that we finally surrender. But think about how much could have been saved if we had just dealt with the initial crack. Are there any cracks in your life? Ask God to reveal them to you and if there are any, allow him to patch them up with his love, grace and mercy...remember, it initially may be painful, but far less painful than a big gaping hole.

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