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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week in Review: Week 2 {in pictures}


I am feeling a bit tired or lazy, or a bit of both, so our weekly wrap up will be a visual one. (don't worry, I'll throw in some captions)  Click on the button above if you want to check out how other homeschoolers spent their week.... but first check out ours...


 A trip to Tom Moore's jungle with friends...


Continuing a study on animals of the  Galapagos Islands...

the kids looked up the lengths of each animal and lined them up according to size

everyone enjoying this month's sensory tub

Hard at work...

Eden working on her postcard about planet Earth (from our geography curriculum)

learning all about atoms in Chemistry

Fun school 

{Celebrating Johnny Appleseed's Birthday}...

tasting different varieties of apples

apple printing

Tot school...


the makings of a tennis star!

the boys received awards for last season's participation in cricket.  Micaiah was chosen by his coaches as "Most Talented" player!

So that was a quick look at our week!  Good bye until next time!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week In Review: Good Bye Summer

We said goodbye to summer this week and hello to another homeschool year... our 4th year of homeschool!  Hard to believe :)  The kids were eager to start after a nice long summer break and I was even more eager to get into a routine!

This year we have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, kindergartener and a little tornado tot schooler.  It should be an interesting year.  Here are some things we will be doing:

Real Science 4 Kids (Chemistry pre level 1, Physics pre- level 1 and possibly Biology pre- level 1)
Various unit studies I will scatter throughout to keep things fresh.

Micaiah (primary 5, 4th grade)

Math:  finishing Teaching Textbooks 4, possibly starting 5; ALEKS
Spelling: finishing All About Spelling 3 moving on to level 4

Eli, (Primary 3; 2nd Grade)

Spelling: finshing All About Spelling 1 moving on to level 2

Eden (Primary 1, Kindergarten)

Reading & Phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, A Beka Letters and Sounds

 Marcus, Tot school (which really means getting into everything everyone else is doing !!) 

I will hopefully spend the first part of each day with Marcus on a focused developmental activity while the older kids are doing their independent work. Here is what we did this week:

scooping and pouring beans
playdough- Marcus loved this and asked to play with it every day
sorting and dumping bears

Here are some other highlights of our first week:
Finishing our work early on Tuesday and meeting friends at the beach (sorry no picture)
Taking a walk to visit some animals nearby
We started a unit study on The Galapagos Islands and the Blue-footed Booby.  We will continue next week and here is a sneak peek at our sensory tub to go along with it:

That was our week... I will try to be faithful in doing a weekly wrap up this year so stay tuned for the many adventures of Best of All Academy!!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Moments to Remember: rain, a lake and a bird named Bernard

After today's heavy rain we took the kids out for a drive and stopped to check out the "lake" at Bernard's Park.  The kids were amazed at how flooded the area was and quickly took advantage of the opportunity to splash around.

 We rescued a Lesser Yellow Legs that was sick or injured.  We named him Bernard and Joe took him to BAMZ where they can hopefully nurse him back to good health.

It was a fun way to end our week!  Hope you have a good weekend :)

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