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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week In Review: Good Bye Summer

We said goodbye to summer this week and hello to another homeschool year... our 4th year of homeschool!  Hard to believe :)  The kids were eager to start after a nice long summer break and I was even more eager to get into a routine!

This year we have a 4th grader, 2nd grader, kindergartener and a little tornado tot schooler.  It should be an interesting year.  Here are some things we will be doing:

Real Science 4 Kids (Chemistry pre level 1, Physics pre- level 1 and possibly Biology pre- level 1)
Various unit studies I will scatter throughout to keep things fresh.

Micaiah (primary 5, 4th grade)

Math:  finishing Teaching Textbooks 4, possibly starting 5; ALEKS
Spelling: finishing All About Spelling 3 moving on to level 4

Eli, (Primary 3; 2nd Grade)

Spelling: finshing All About Spelling 1 moving on to level 2

Eden (Primary 1, Kindergarten)

Reading & Phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, A Beka Letters and Sounds

 Marcus, Tot school (which really means getting into everything everyone else is doing !!) 

I will hopefully spend the first part of each day with Marcus on a focused developmental activity while the older kids are doing their independent work. Here is what we did this week:

scooping and pouring beans
playdough- Marcus loved this and asked to play with it every day
sorting and dumping bears

Here are some other highlights of our first week:
Finishing our work early on Tuesday and meeting friends at the beach (sorry no picture)
Taking a walk to visit some animals nearby
We started a unit study on The Galapagos Islands and the Blue-footed Booby.  We will continue next week and here is a sneak peek at our sensory tub to go along with it:

That was our week... I will try to be faithful in doing a weekly wrap up this year so stay tuned for the many adventures of Best of All Academy!!

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