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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winning Entries

Last weekend was the annual Ag Show (our version of a county fair) I always enjoy the Ag show and this year was no exception. The sights, the sounds, the smells! The kids loved looking at the animals, baked goods and other exhibits and most of all they loved the cotton candy and snow cones. Kai Kai sang with our church's children's choir... they did a good job and were well received.

We spent the beginning of last week preparing the exhibits the kids has chosen to enter. This was LiLi's first year exhibiting and he was really excited. He kept asking if he would win a ribbon like his big brother did last year...

He was not disappointed! The boys did really well... they each entered 3 exhibits and came home with 3 ribbons each... 3 first place for KaiKai and a first, second and 3rd place for LiLi.

Here are their entries...

wishing wells made with clothes pegs and filled with branches and flowers.

KaiKai's guitar playing robot made of recyclable items

LiLi's Teddy Bear Island cake decorated with Teddy grahams and goldfish...he had fun making this one.

and my favourite... the decorated Easter eggs... We planted rye grass seeds in eggshells and watched the "hair" grow on our "little people".

The kids have already started talking about what they want to make for next year!

I am linking this to Mama Jenn's Kiddos Create Blog carnival... if you want to see other creations with everyday items check it out here.


  1. LOVE IT ALL!! Those are fantastic crafts and I'm so happy for the kids :)

  2. I love this!! the cake and the eggs and pebbles said...I love it all! Fantastic stuff!

  3. What fun projects!!!!! Thanks for linking up!!


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