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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keeping it Simple

It is 2am and I am up making paper flower pin wheels for Buttercup's birthday party which is in 12 hours. I am not the most organized person, but I have never been so unprepared for something as I am for this party (well maybe a couple of exams during my party years in university come close) in any case, I have been up tonight making a castle cake, the pinwheels, trying to clean the house, making a list of everything else I still need to do... I feel like any moment I am going to crash and burn... In the midst of all of this it has hit me profoundly that what matters most is that my kids feel loved, and that is not through birthday parties (although they enjoy them) and extravagant gifts, but through time spent with them, time when I am focused on them and what THEY want to do, time when I am not tired and cranky. So... what's not done won't be done, but I will focus my energy tomorrow on enjoying Buttercup's party with her. I will not stress out about what I could have done (super cool party bags, fun and unique party games, an elaborate spread of food) Yes we will have fun but we will be keeping it simple... and Buttercup will still know that she is loved!

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  1. Keeping it simple, keeps the stress low. I'm sure Buttercup enjoyed her day.


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