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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ready or not Christmas is coming...

Do you ever wish you could hit the pause button? That's how I feel right now... I want to hit a button that would bring everything and everyone to a standstill for a day or two... or three but still allow me to get stuff done. I feel like I am so behind and I am not sure if I am ever going to catch up!! There isn't one Christmas decoration up yet, some gifts still to be bought, baking to be done and in the midst of all of that we are reorganizing the classroom (which I am pleased about...see why in my previous post).

I am trying my best to make it Christmas-y around here even if the obvious Christmas time things are not evident. We have been playing Christmas music, I have been reading the kids the Christmas story a little at a time for our Bible lesson each day and we spent the whole day on Wednesday making Christmas ornaments which WILL go on the tree at some point before Christmas morning! The kids had fun making these (but I think I had more fun!) Here are some pictures of our creations:

We saw these cute reindeer in a craft book we checked out at the library and I had the clothespins waiting for me to do something with. They were fun and easy to make although most of it was hot glued so the kids picked out the colour ribbon the wanted, the bell, the googly eyes and I helped them put it all together...


I saw these stars and snowflakes on Mama Jenn's blog and knew the kids would like them... I was right. I would have made mine a little less colorful but I gave them full artistic liberties!

These wreaths are my recreation of a kit I saw advertised on Oriental Trading. They too were fun for the kids to put together.

Lastly, these are snowflakes the kids decorated for a contest a local toy store was having... their entries gave us a coupon for 10% off craft supplies so I will be sure to use that in the near future!

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  1. Wow Rusheika! This is AMAZING!! You are one awesome mama! Keep up the good work - I'll have to steal some of your ideas. LOL

    Tammy A.


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