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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Heart & Home Makeover

Have I ever mentioned that I.HATE.TO.CLEAN?

I really do.. I'd rather do anything else than housework.

I LOVE my surroundings to be neat, tidy, clean, organised... I just wished someone else could do it for me!!

Keeping up with the house is truly the most challenging part of my day but I know that my life runs better when my house is not out of control, or as Flylady puts it, in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome!!)

It is also a way for me to honour God by serving my family. And with my journey to INTENTIONALITY this year, I am adding housekeeping to the list.

I have been asking myself why this is such a struggle.  

I am convinced that I am not alone in this when I look around and see so many books, websites, and other resources aimed to help people to clean, declutter and organize.

For me, I know how to clean, and organize, my challenge is being motivated to do so. I always read these self help resources and say yeah, yeah I know all of this, I just need help putting it into practice.

This e-book caught my attention the other day:

Here's what the author has to say about the book:

        "I am not a natural when it comes to cleaning. In fact, sometimes I think my DNA is allergic to it! However, I know that if I am to care for my home, and more importantly my family, I need to persevere in creating a clean, peaceful home environment (not a perfect one!).
31 Days to Clean is about the “why” and the vision and the heart for taking care of our domains. Each day I encourage you with some thoughts and ideas, and then we put those ideas to action."

Here are what some others are saying about the book:

“This book has already given me the push that I needed to clean my house not only for my family and myself, but for reasons beyond that. I love that there are small do-able tasks each day to clean but also a task to give inspiration to keeping a clean house. Love everything I have read!!! Thank you to Sarah Mae for such an amazing resource. I will be giving this book to each of my girls as they move out, so that they will be blessed with this great book as well!”

“What do you think of when you consider doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the dreaded bathroom? Are you discouraged? Do you feel overwhelmed? I have to say I feel that way … often. In all my live-long days I haven’t seen my home as a ministry. Can I serve Jesus and others as I clean my home? Sarah Mae proves I can. As a wife, mom, mother-in-law and mentor to teenage moms I’m going to cherish this book and share what I learned. Cleaning is more than just fighting germs. It can be a ministry of the heart!”
-Tricia Goyer, author of 25 books, include Blue Like Play Dough: The Shaping of Motherhood in the Grip of God
“This is no ordinary “how to clean your house” book. In 31 Days to Clean – How to Have a Martha House the Mary Way, Sarah Mae goes beyond the “how-tos” and gets straight to the heart of the matter. Why is it so hard to keep up with the day-to-day tasks of running a household and what can we do about it? Each day will challenge your thinking and drive you to The One who offers grace and comfort.”
 Take a look at some of the topics covered:

Day 1 – Why Clean?
Day 2 – Created to Give Life
Day 3 – 10 Ways to Give Life to Your Home
Day 7 – The Curse (What We’re Up Against)
Day 8 – Overcoming the Curse
Day 10 – Feeling Overwhelmed
Day 11 – Limitations
Day 12 – The Thing We All Have in Common – Imperfection
Day 13 – Fighting Fatigue
Day 15 – I’d Rather Do Anything But Clean
Day 17 – Your Cleaning Style
Day 19 – Finding Joy in the Self-Disciplined Life
Day 22 – Developing a Workable Schedule
Day 26 – Laundry
Day 28 – Who Are You Trying to Please? By Sally Clarkson, I Take Joy

Wow!  This seems like it was written just for me!

Are you like me?  Do you need a heart and home makeover?  Join me in checking out this e-book  ($4.99) and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I am taking advantage of an offer for a free copy of this book by blogging about this book. Details here.  (offer valid until Midnight EST. 4/27/11)

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  1. Great read! I will have to look out for that book! I wasn't a fan of flylady but I love This one is more manageable to me!


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