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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Home School journey has begun

After my second day of homescooling I am exhausted... a good exhausted... so far I am having a blast! My plan was to start this week.. on Thursday.. for no extremely good reason but on Saturday this was the conversation at lunch:
KaiKai: Mommy can we start school tomorrow?
Me: Tomorrow is Sunday, we have church.. then Monday is a holiday.
KaiKai:So then can we start on Tuesday?
Buttercup: yay! me too me too!!! {jumping up and down}

What was I going to day to that! SO Tuesday it was! Of course the child not named in the above story wanted to stick with Thursday.. and he probably meant a Thursday next year sometime!

Monday evening I stayed up and put the final touches on the room as I wanted it to be special for their first day... I was pleased with the result.

Tuesday morning the kids woke up more than excited... and the day went well. We are using the Horizons Preschool program for LiLi and Sonlight and Horizons Grade 1 for KaiKai. I am trying to do Tot School with Buttercup at least a couple times a week but for the most part she just joins in with her brothers and tries to do what they are doing. Because they are all so close in age, a lot of what they are each doing are suitable for the others so there is a lot of crossover, which is good.

KaiKai kept saying "Mommy I like homeschool!" LiLi is enjoying it as well. Buttercup is learning that she can't always have mommy's attention. We have had 2 good days. I am trying to take as many pictures as I can so Daddy can be part of the experience as well.

It may be my imagination but the kids are so much more settled and obedient... and I am much more relaxed than I thought I would be. I know God is giving me strength and patience!!

So here is a peek at our first 2 days of school...

Letter of the week for LiLi

Play time

A look at God's creation

LiLi's project

Kai Kai busy at work

LiLi working on A's...

with leaves...


blades of grass.

Highlight of the day... Daddy home for lunch, giving rides on the bike!

we made chalk paint to end a perfect day!

Stay tuned for more adventures...


  1. Well welcome to homeschooling. It is certainly an adventure of a lifetime.

  2. Thank you for the link to the chalk paint. I think my kiddos would love that!


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