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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Change of pace... I'm exhaling!

Since early September JDF and I have been participating in a marriage course called Dynamic Marriage by Family Dynamics Institute. It was an EXCELLENT course that I would recommend to any married couple. We gained a lot from the course, learning a lot about ourselves and each other. It was however quite a sacrifice, not only attending the weekly class, but also completing the homework each week. The class actually started the same day I started homeschooling, so the last 9 weeks have been interestingly busy! I am now looking forward to more time in the evenings to plan lessons and get myself organized as a homeschooling mama.

I haven't had lots of time to post what we have been doing over that last few weeks but over the next few days I will update some of the things we have been covering, what the kids have been learning and the fun we have been having, so stay tuned...

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