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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One More Sleep

School for the past week has been haphazard to say the least. JDF joined a team from our church on a Haiti Relief mission. They went to deliver food, water and medical supplies and to set up field hospitals in a couple locations.

The kids have been praying fervently for Daddy, and they talk about him often during the day, but the hardest time has been the nights... the miss him doing family devotions with them, giving them kisses and tucking them in. I helped them make a paper chain to count down the number of sleeps until he comes home (an idea I got from my dear friend Marielle). They have taken turns tearing off the rings at bedtime and holding the slip of paper while they say a prayer for Daddy. It seemed to help calm and settle them a bit and definitely created a visual that this trip will come to an end!

Tonight we are down to our last sleep till Daddy comes home! It will be good to have him back with us tomorrow night!!

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  1. Good morning Rusheika...thinking of you and your lovely family today, as Joe returns home. I pray that he will get back safely and on time!! Love Megan


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