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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organizing Books

I know this is a Works for Me WEDNESDAY post and it is now Thursday but hey... that's what my life is like right now :) Always playing catch up. With 3 and 3/4 kids I feel like I play catch up with the dishes, the laundry, school prep... just about everything. SO when I find something that works for me I get really excited. We have books... lots of books... from board books to chapter books cause that's the stages we are at right now. The kids have a book shelf which they share but it wasn't working out so well...mainly because we couldn't keep it organized. KaiKai always did a great job tidying it up but it seemed like 5 minutes later it would be a mess again. Buttercup has also recently taken to filling a shopping bag with books and taking them all over the house... putting them back neatly is always a little challenging for her... hence the chaos on the bookshelf. One evening this week as I went to tidy it... yet again I started to realise how many books we had that we hadn't read, or hadn't read for a long time... only because they were usually buried under other books. I decide that I had had enough of the chaos. I remembered reading on a few blogs (don't remember which ones) how they only put out a few books for their kids each week and rotated them. I sorted the books according to age appropriateness/ reading level etc. and took out 10 books for each child. I got 3 baskets and labeled them and put in the books for the week. Each Sunday I will switch out some or all of the books so that they always have something fresh to read. The rest are stored in a convenient place and will now have a chance to be read!! Not an earth shattering idea, but it WORKS FOR ME (and that makes me happy:)!

If you want to see what is working for others check out We are THAT Family where Kristin host the Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival each week.


  1. Love the idea of each child having their own basket - I'll have to remember that one for later. :)
    Hope you and your babies are doing well!!

  2. This is SO cool! Great blog and great idea with the books.

    - Krystal


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