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Monday, March 15, 2010

School On The Road

Do you have a favourite day of the week? I don't know which day I like best... probably Friday or maybe Sunday, or even Saturday... maybe it changes from week to week, but I know for sure it definitely isn't Mondays...without a shadow of a doubt it is NOT Mondays!

I woke up this morning knowing that I didn't have the day planned out (busy weekend)... not feeling like being a homeschooling mom... wishing I could send the kids to school somewhere else... YES, I do have those days and you know what, it's okay.

JDF knew I was struggling so he suggested I take the kids on a field trip.. maybe a drive to Dockyard... it was a great idea (thanks Sweetie:) ... at least I'd get them out of the house but on the other hand I was feeling bad about not having lesson plans done, thinking the kids really should do some "school work" and not have a "free day". I prayed that God would guide our steps today. Admittedly even though I prayed, I wasn't all that hopeful that my mood would change or that the day would get easier. But God still worked through my lack of faith.

After breakfast I told the kids we were going on an adventure.. I still didn't know exactly what we were going to do... we got dressed, I packed fruit and lunch, some notepads, crayons and pencils, loaded the kids in the car and headed west.

It turned out to be a great morning! We had school on the road! Here's how it went...


While we were driving, the kids counted taxis, truck and bikes. I got KaiKai to take out his notepad and make tally marks for each vehicle that we saw. Once we got to Dockyard we used that information to:
  • review the concepts of less and more (LiLi)
  • create word problems and practice subtraction. (KaiKai)
KaiKai read and recorded the time on the clock at the clocktower in his note pad.

The boys enjoyed trying to spell the parishes we drove through.


KaiKai wrote sentences about how many of each vehicle they counted.
Once in Dockyard we looked around at signs. I got Kai Kai to look for compound words, LiLi to copy letters that he saw.. he was even able to read a few words.
Buttercup looked for different colours around us and then used her crayons and notepad to record the colours she spotted.


I gave each child an opportunity to draw something they could see around them... they drew boats and vans.

We had a fruit break and then headed to Ma & Pa's house to eat our lunch.. they even got to watch Sesame Street with Pa.

As we headed home, I thought back over the morning and thanked God for making it a great one. It was definitely Him leading me... and Monday wasn't so bad this week!

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  1. Great day! Simon and I talked about this and we want to homeschool our kids when that time comes. I'm going to read your blog more often so I can get some hints :o)

    Keep it up! It's a wonderful thing you're doing, not just for your children, but for society!

    See you soon!


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