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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Word for 2012

Intentional... Does that word sound familiar?

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that this was my word for 2011. 

 In 2011 I wanted to be intentional...

Intentional as a wife...
                           as a mom...
                                    as a friend...
                                             as a student the Word of God...

I wanted to be intentional in every way I lived my life.

SO...  as it draws to a close, I am reflecting on this year. 

It is a year that flew by.  
It have been a good year in many ways, a tough year in many ways.  
I have been stretched, I have grown and I am still learning MANY things.

As a wife, I have prayed more for my husband, I have tried to listen more, be less selfish, and love him more fully.
As a mom, I have tried to have more fun with my kids, tried to understand and meet their individual needs.
As a friend I have tried to listen more, talk less.
As a student of the Word of God, I read through the Bible, studied Philippians, memorized scripture.

I didn't always get it right...I have messed up and I have gotten back up.

I have experienced God's grace, God's leading and God's blessings.

SO what about 2012?

I want to continue to be intentional in every area of my life but I have been praying over the last few weeks about another word to help guide this new year.  

The word that continues to come to my mind and heart is ...


tem·per·ate [tem-per-it, tem-prit] adjective

1.moderate or self-restrained; not extreme in opinion, statement, etc.: a temperate response to an insulting challenge.
2.moderate as regards indulgence of appetite or passion, especially in the use of alcoholic liquors.
3.not excessive in degree, as things, qualities, etc.

Through God's power I will be...

Temperate in my speech. 
Self controlled in my interactions with my husband, my children and others. 
Sensible in decision making and goal setting. 
Not unreasonable in my expectations of myself and others.
Prudent in my spending.
Moderate in my eating.
Pure in my thoughts and deeds. 

One area I commit to NOT be temperate in is my witness for Christ!  
I want to live boldly
for HIM 
this year!  

What about you?  Is God speaking to you about how you should live your life in 2012? Prayerfully consider how you will make a difference and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you!


  1. I LOVE your word and your word pictures!!! Thank you for this...yes, temperate...a word I need to add, as well!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    This is awesome!
    I love hearing about how your year went with intentional, and am excited to see how you grow in temperance!!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Hello.. my name is Karen , I come to via another of my blogging friends Rebecca.. and I wanted to say that I enjoyed browsing through your posts.. and I love your "words" and love their meaning behind them.. When you get a chance I would love it if you were able to swing by Glass of Sweet Tea and say HI.. Have a blessed and Intentionaly Joyious 2012

  4. From, I found the "find a word for the year" idea. In writing my blog post about my word for 2012, I decided upon the word "intentional" and then searched for an image of the word. Which brought me to you and your word cloud. I am really looking forward to reading more of your blog (:

  5. What an inspiring post! I love how you wrote this and I love the idea of taking a meaningful word and applying it in every aspect of your life. I can't wait to read more!


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