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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just the Girls

Last week the big boys were at camp all day so I got to hang out with Eden and Marcus. Since Marcus napped most of the morning it gave Eden and I some good mommy - daughter time. It was the most one on one time I have spent with her and I really enjoyed it. She is a fun loving, sensitive little lady who loves all things girly. Don't get me wrong, she can hang tough with her brothers but it was quite evident last week that she loves being a girl. We played with dolls, made pink strawberry playdough, built sandcastles, watched Angelina Ballerina and Veggie Tales Sweetpea Beauty and had a chance to talk to her about the difference between inner and outer beauty and what God values more.

I remember when I first knew I was carrying a baby girl... I was scared to death. I already had 2 sons so I knew what to do with boys but now God was giving me this little princess and it would be my responsibility to teach her how to be a woman... a godly woman. That still scares me! I pray each day that God will show me how to me a girl mama and I look forward to more "just for girls" times with my princess. 


  1. Mother/Daughter time is such a precious thing! I know what you mean about it being scary, but that shows already you know just how important your role is. What a joyful journey you have ahead with your little girl!

  2. Those times are so precious. I almost got stuck at that pink strawberry playdough which sounds like a version my youngest daughter would enjoy, but love even more that at this young age she is learning from you what God values. Your picture together is beautiful.


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