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Sunday, October 4, 2009

What I love about Homeschooling- Reason No. 1

I was talking to a friend I saw in the grocery store last week... she is exploring the idea of homeschooling and was asking me how things were going... as I was talking to her about my experience so far, I began to realize that there are a number of reasons I love homeschooling already and I am sure the list will continue to grow as we continue along this journey. I am going to do a series of sorts called "What I love about Homeschooling". It won't be a regular posting, but I will randomly post a reason every so often which may serve to encourage someone who is considering this as an option for their family.

Reason No 1.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle, not an event.

When I started out on this journey, homeschooling in my mind was an alternative method of schooling to the traditional public or private school option. I pictured a specific time of day that the kids would be sitting at their desks, or at the craft table working on projects, I imagined myself at a whiteboard explaining concepts, at my desk grading papers, I imagined shifting from mom to teacher and back to mom at specific times of the day...

But in reality, what I am learning is there is a BIG difference between school at home and homeschooling. School is an event, homschooling is a lifestyle. Accepting that means accepting that school happens wherever we are, whatever we are doing, it is accepting that everyday will be different, it is accepting that a schedule is good but it is not the end of the world if you stray from it, it is accepting that perfectly filled out worksheets are not the only indicator of what my child is learning, it is accepting that I am not a failure if I have a day were we do not open a book. I am glad I am learning this early in my journey... it has given me much peace about our decision to homeschool and it has given me clarity and confidence in my role as teacher/mommy.

If you homeschool I'd love to hear some reasons you love it!


  1. I think that the difference between "School at home" and "Homeschooling" is the first thing most homeschooling moms learn :) I love watching your journey.

  2. The "school at home being an event" versus "homeschooling being a lifestyle" statement is SOOOOO profound!!! Thank you for reminding me that my kiddos are still learning and education is taking place...even if it is not during our "school" time!!!

  3. So glad you learned this lesson so early on in your homeschooling. It will save many frustrations and tears! Though I'm not officially a homeschool mom just yet - since my oldest is just 16 months old - as a homeschool graduate I look back am most thankful for and love how homeschooling allows more time for the children to seek and develop their relationship with the Lord. I know if I had been in school, I would not have spent nearly the time and probably would not have had the same desire to seek out a daily quiet time or even just have had that time be still and know He is God. - Tiffany Stroup

  4. Rusheika, I am enjoying reading about your journey and more than anything I am impressed with your insight. As I am reading I realize how much you are loving homeschool. Keep up the blogs. Tia


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