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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Normal: Our week in Review

Our first full week back after Christmas break.  I knew by lunchtime on Monday that we had reached a new stage as a homeschool family... I knew it was coming but I was hoping I had a few more months...

When we finished for Christmas break, we had a great routine that had been established since September.  Marcus napped all or most of the morning and we were able to work uninterrupted on most days.  The times that he was awake he would sit in his bouncer or in my lap contentedly...

well, GONE are those days!  I now have a crawling- pulling-himself-up- getting-into-everything-not content-to-sit-and-watch-without-getting-involved-6 month old! And BOY does that change things!

Amidst finding this new normal, we did manage to accomplish a great deal.  We were even visited by a local news reporter who is doing a story on homeschooling in Bermuda... and it wasn't total chaos while she was here!! The story which is actually part 2 of a series is to air during the evening news at some point soon so the kids are looking forward to our 30 seconds of fame!

We spend the bulk of our mornings working through math, spelling, reading, handwriting etc.  We broke up the routine one morning and headed off to the library to do our math.  At first the boys were a bit distracted but we did manage to get though the lesson for that day.  Eli is gaining more confidence each day with reading and it has become the subject I most enjoy doing with him.  I like to see the light come on in his eyes when he sounds out a word and realizes what it is.

Micaiah continues to enjoy history as we go through The Story of the World Vol 1.  I must say that I am learning so much myself!  This week we were introduced to Hammurabi, the sixth Babylonian King.

We spent lots of time outside this week, taking advantage of the good days when we could. 

Eden and her friend Josiah on their way to gymnastics

Until next week,

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