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Thursday, September 8, 2011

And were off!!

It's the first week of school around here!

It has been great!

Kind of has me wishing that every week was the first week of school...

you know the freshness, the excitement, the energy...

          the cooperative kids!!

I know eventually the newness will wear off.

                    Some days we will be lacking energy.

        The cooperative spirits will come and go.

 There will be days that I just don't want to teach
                     ... and days that they just don't want to learn.

It's normal and it's okay.

But for now I am enjoying our first week!

A few months ago I read this prayer on a blog (I think it was this one).

I saved it as a note on my computer and I found it again this morning when I was looking for something else. It was a good reminder for this first week and every week to follow!

Dear Lord, 
I’m the rule maker. 
The one who makes them wash their hands 100x’s and eat their green beans. 
I am their teacher. 
I say “NO”, a lot. 
And sometimes, that is the right thing to say. 
But what I really want to be,
is the one who captures their hearts and turns them to You. 
Who I really want to be,
is a mom who has time to make cookies, play Yahtzee, and catch lightening bugs in a jar. 
What I want to say more is, 
“Yes! Let’s have an adventure today.” 
And put aside my chores, 
my have to’s, 
my grown up things
and enjoy this precious time I have with them. 
Because tomorrow, 
they will be grown. 
And I will not have a chance to do these things with them. 
I’m not sure where this in Your Word exactly, 
but I know you are a God who loves relationship. 
And You did make it a point to let the children come to you. {Matthew 19:14} 
So, would you make me, this mom, a fun mom? 
Let my children remember me: Smiling. Chasing. Dreaming. 
And having fun with them.

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  1. Love your post! :) Love the poem too - it's always so much fun the 1st week and I agree, wish it could be like that all the time!!


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