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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bringing Pinterest into Real Life

Does the blog world need another meme? Probably not, but I am going to start one anyway and I hope you will join me! I told you about my love of Pinterest right? Well I started thinking about all the things I had pinned and how it was so easy to spend my time pinning instead of actually taking the ideas and implementing them. In order to keep me accountable to actually use the ideas that I am pinning (and thus justify the time I spend pinning), I have decided to pick {at least} one pin a week and DO it! It could be a recipe, a craft with the kids, a teaching idea, a printable, a home decorating or organizing idea... whatever!! So what about you? Do you need to bring Pinterest into your real life? Do you want to join me each week?

Here's how it will work.

  • Each Saturday I will post about something I made, cooked, used etc. from one of my Pinterest pins. 
  • There will be a linky at the bottom of the post for you to link up your post. 
  • You will have until the following Friday to add your post.  
  • It should include a link to the pin on Pinterest. 
  • It should give credit to the website it was pinned from. 
  • There should be a link back to Island Mama's Adventures (you can include the button provided in the side bar. )
Interested in joining? Leave a comment letting me know. The first post will be up on Saturday.

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  1. Okay I'm game :) how to find the actual link to the pin you pinned though? I'm still figuring out Pinning :)

    SeekingHim at gmail dot com

  2. I'm IN!

    This is a GREAT idea!

  3. Rusheika.. I think I want to do this. There are many recipes that I have pinned and I haven't even done one! Love this idea!!

  4. love this idea, found you from MamaJenn, I'm a new follower and plan to link up with you soon! I'm taking your button to my blog now! Hope you'll visit and follow back!

  5. I may try this! Honestly this is the first I've heard of pinning but it may be a great way to get things done. The website looks great!

  6. I just made myself laugh inside. I'm about to pin this page. ;)

  7. What a great idea. I would love to be able to justify how much time I spend on Pinterest. It's my newest obsession!!


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